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Practice Areas
Practice Areas

Hugo & Associates, led by attorney Michael R. Hugo, represents litigants in a range of complex cases at the domestic and international levels. Our practice handles environmental and pharmaceutical litigation as well as international litigation against American companies for gross human rights violations and bad business practices.
Environmental and Toxic Torts 

Chemical spills, negligent disposal practices, and pesticide use can result in the leaching of toxic substances into soil, groundwater, and surface water. Health effects for children and families can be serious and include birth defects, impaired cognitive functioning, cancer, and other problems.

Our firm is a leader in litigation to provide justice for children, adults, and families who have suffered due to the release of toxic chemicals into the environment. Michael Hugo was a partner in the law firm Schlichtmann Conway Crowley & Hugo, the firm portrayed in the best-selling non-fiction novel and film A Civil Action. The film depicted the firm’s tireless efforts to seek justice for children who developed leukemia as a result of groundwater poisoning in Woburn, Massachusetts, in the first groundwater contamination case in the United States.

Military installations are often contaminated with toxic chemicals due to irresponsible disposal practices by the Department of Defense. Military families and communities near military bases are the ones affected the most. Hugo has been involved in environmental litigation at Fort Detrick, Maryland and presently serves on the Plaintiffs Steering Committee to address toxic chemical poisoning at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

Mr. Hugo has been active in many other toxic tort cases throughout his career, including at the international level. He has helped bring claims in the U.S. on behalf of thousands of children poisoned by a lead smelting operation in La Oraya, Peru and is pursuing claims on behalf of thousands of children in Chile suffering from birth defects due to dangerous pesticides manufactured by U.S. chemical manufacturers.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices 
  Drug companies and medical device manufacturers develop life-saving treatments, but too often they ignore evidence that their products are dangerous or defective. In the rush to bring products to market, pharmaceutical companies end up causing needless suffering and deaths.

Michael Hugo is a pioneer in vaccine litigation. His work led directly to the abandonment of the traditional DTP vaccine and the eventual licensing and marketing of the safer DTaP vaccine by the large commercial manufacturers. He then joined with the pharmaceutical industry to successfully lobby the U.S. Congress to pass the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act.

Mr. Hugo was one of the leaders in the silicone gel breast implant litigation, assisting in the facilitation of one of the largest global settlements of a mass tort ever. He has also been active in the litigation of some of the most high profile cases involving dangerous drugs. He has helped plaintiffs recover damages for use of blockbuster drugs such as Rezulin, Baycol, and Vioxx, all of which were found to cause serious health problems before being pulled from the market. He has also handled cases involving Chantix, Stadol, the Mirena IUD, Fosamax, Zyprexa, Paxil, Topamax, and several other drugs.

International Litigation and Arbitration 

U.S. corporations take some of their most irresponsible actions when doing business abroad, particularly in developing countries. We believe that people everywhere deserve dignity and accountability. We have therefore brought our U.S. legal experience to bear in seeking justice for victims of U.S. corporations that act negligently abroad.

Michael Hugo has managed an active docket of Alien Tort Statute and other international cases arising from corporate negligence in countries such as Liberia, Indonesia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. He has represented family members of people who were killed by paramilitary and terrorist groups receiving support from American corporations, such as Chiquita in Colombia.

Some of the gravest human rights violations occur when U.S. companies release toxic chemicals into the environment. Hugo was a key member of a team of litigators seeking justice for 3,000 Peruvian children poisoned by an American-owned lead-smelting operation in La Oroya, Peru. He is presently involved in litigation against U.S. chemical companies for the use of dangerous pesticides in Chile that caused birth defects in thousands of Chilean children.